Wish to Paul

Posted On December 22, 2007

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!!Wishes From The Staffs to Paul’s Birthday!!

From Peter:

Happy birthday to you

All your wish come true…

Good luck… Good Health…

From Rock:

i wish you good luck
have a lot of girl friend
more handsome
i wish you thin
because you are so fat now
if thin very handsome


From: Beat

Happy Birthday to Paul

I wish you all my best. Have a good health and have success in your life.


I wish u have a wife Soon..

More Handsome

Go to Mekong River

To meet your Pretty Girl

More Smart

Be Talkative

From: Katy

I wish u meet ur real love soon

I wish u every things the BEST ask u want, but do not break the law………..

I wish u smile a whole live………..

I wish ur baby come out soon!

I wish ur husband will take care of u & ur baby and give u a kiss a day…


“I wish you have a good luck,

healthy, wealthy, happiness, successful, intelligent,

bright future especially get marry soon na”


I wish u healthy, successful in ur work n love.


Hi, Paul  U Know why sun so shine, the moon so nice. Bcoz today is your birthday. I only wanna say happy birthday to you. Wish u all good luck in life, success in carrier, money in pocket and many girl as your wish……………..Good dream tonogh……….



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